May Statement For Colombia

The global musical
community observes
with deep concern and
indignation the
situation of systematic
violation of Human
Rights in Colombia.

#DespertarColombiano #DespertarDeMayo #DespiertaColombia

The demonstrations originated by government proposals that affected the economy of the most unprotected and vulnerable sectors which are merely a natural and legitimate way of expressing disagreement in a democratic society, received a disproportionate and repressive response from the Government, which has continued with an escalation of violence and brutality by the Armed Forces. According to information from the NGOs Temblores and Indepaz and the Ombudsman’s Office, as of May 18 and in just three weeks of protests, 43 people have been killed, there are 18 cases of sexual violence and at least 548 missing people have been reported. Cases in which the alleged responsibility of the events correspond to the Police and the ESMAD (Anti-Riot Squad).

Faced with this very critical situation, the musicians and those of us who work in the chain value of the music business cannot close our eyes to this tragedy and we make a strong call to the Colombian government to respect its international commitments on Human Rights and to honor the constitutional principles that oblige them to protect its citizens.

We are alarmed to see that this violent repression has been mainly directed at young people, women, LGBTIQ, indigenous community and afro-descendants, which are precisely the sectors whose historical vulnerability imply a greater obligation of protection on behalf of the Government. On the other hand, we are extremely concerned that the artistic community in general and, in particular, street artists, are stigmatized through doctrines in which the Armed Forces are instructed.

The global musical community (the Signatories) supports and celebrates the Colombian citizens actions, who peacefully express the historically repressed social unrest. This awakening of the social conscience of Colombian society is inspiring for a world that needs to overcome inequality and seeks to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between all of us.

Colombia is experiencing an unprecedented process of civic democratic awakening and today, more than ever, we summon the universal force of music and make a call from our deepest sense of justice and progress to unite the entire world around Colombian sisters and brothers.


Gustavo Santaolalla – Argentina
Rubén Blades – Panamá
Residente – Puerto Rico
Rubén Albarrán – México
Jorge Drexler – Uruguay
Piero – Argentina
Victor Heredia – Argentina
León Gieco – Argentina
Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy – Nicaragua
Phil Vinall – México/Reino Unido
Chucho Báez – México
Andrea Echeverri (Aterciopelados) – Colombia
Hector Buitrago(Aterciopelados) – Colombia
Pedro Guerra – España
Bersuit Vergarabat – Argentina
Rita Segato – Argentina
Vetusta Morla – España
Gaby Moreno – Guatemala
Lido Pimienta – Colombia
Camila Moreno – Chile
Liliana Herrero – Argentina
Cecilia Todd – Venezuela
Adriana Lizcano – Colombia
Edson Velandia – Colombia
Mario Galeano – Colombia
Eduadro Cabra – Puerto Rico
Totó La Momposina – Colombia
Catalina García – Colombia
Susana Boreal – Colombia
Xoel López – España
Carlos Sadnes – España
Pablo Lesuit – España
Teresa Parodi – Argentina
Luciana Jury – Argentina
Orozco Barrientos – Argentina
Caloncho – México
Raúl Chapa Elizalde «Pato Machete» – México
The Guadaloops – México
Troker – México
La Ronda Bogotá – México
Trono Mob – México
Fernando Delgadillo – México
Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio – México
Juanchi Bailerón – Argentina
Miss Bolivia – Argentina
Onda Vaga – Argentina
Sofía Viola – Argentina
Tweety González – Argentina
Francisco el Hombre – Brasil
Mario Muñoz «Subcantante» – Colombia
Dr. Krapula – Colombia
Marta Gómez – Colombia
Jorge Velosa – Colombia
César López – Colomiba
Juan Galeano – Colombia
Daniel Álvarez – Colombia
Santiago Cruz – Colombia
Juan Pablo Vega – Colombia
Juancho Valencia – Colombia
Carlos «Pala» Palacio – Colombia
Jacobo Vélez «La Mambanegra» – Colombia
Hugo Candelario – Colombia
Grupo Bahía – Colombia
Dstance – México
El Arturo – México
Nortec Collective – México
Macaco – Cataluña
Sol Pereyra – Argentina
Ely Guerra – México
Beto Cuevas – Chile
Inspector – México
El David Aguilar – México
Descartes a Kant – México
Puerto Candelaria – Colombia
Ramón Paniagua – Colombia
Carlos Elliot – Colombia
Crew Peligrosos – Colombia
Andy Caicedo – Colombia
Andrés Correa – Colombia
Velo de Oza – Colombia
La Mambanegra – Colombia
Zalama Crew – Colombia
De Mar y Río – Colombia
Conny Camelo – Colombia
La Chiva Gantiva – Bélgica-Colombia
Dolores Solá – Argentina
Gaiteros de Ovejas – Colombia
Michi Sarmiento – Colombia
Ulises Hadjis – Venezuela
Lucio Mantel – Argentina
La Lá – Perú
Alejando y María Laura – Perú
Roy Cañedo – México
San Pascualito Rey – México
Florencia Núñez – Uruguay
Frank Tacuma – Colombia
Los Crankers – Colombia
Karnivale – Colombia
Hendrix – Colombia
Alex Alvear – Ecuador
Mariana Baraj – Argentina
Benjamin Taubkin – Brasil
Diego Baiardi – Argentina
Chango Spasiuk – Argentina
Pol González – Argentina
Richter – Argentina
Verónica Méndez – Argentina
Cata Raybaud – Argentina
Manu Sija – Argentina
Claudio Alejandro Garcia – Argentina
Julieta Laso – Argentina
Diego Mercado – Argentina
Franco Luciani – Argentina
Victoria Birchner – Argentina
Sig Ragga – Argentina
Lorena Astudillo – Argentina
Noe Terceros – Argentina
Temporal – Argentina
Valle – Argentina
Falso Nueve – Argentina
Un, dos, tres, cuá – Argentina
M.O.N.O – Argentina
Los Rabanes – Panamá
Fabuloso Sexteto Cacha – Colombia
Sonora Mazurén – Colombia
Oh La Ville – Colombia
Juan José Mejía Jimenez – Colombia
Le Big Sur – Colombia
Mariela Espinosa – Ecuador
Dave O´Gorman – Irlanda – México
Golden Ganga – México
Editus – Costa Rica
Ramón Chicharrón – Canadá
1915 – Argentina
Todo Aparenta Normal – Argentina
Les Deuxluxes – Canad
Camargo – Colombia
Cosmology X, – Colombia
Ennui – Colombia
Mandingasea – Colombia
Gatoloko – Colombia
Los Huerfanos – Colombia
Mad dogs – Colombia
Yidi rockband – Colombia
Crew 90 – Colombia
Yooko – Colombia
The Rockers – Colombia
Human Silence – Colombia
Blas de Lezo – Colombia
Laura Azul – Colombia
Ohh Femmes – Colombia
Midirasis – Colombia
Asma Oficial – Colombia
Via Arteria – Colombia
La Bomba de tiempo – Argentina
La Renga – Argentina
Juan Andrés Ospina – Colombia
Nicolas Ospina – Colombia
Javier Ruibal – España
La Delio Valdez – Argentina
Javiera Parra – Chile


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